The success of Son Tung today which is undeniable artistic talent is an important part of making a name of his hometown .Just 21 years but Son Tung was so-named as “crazy” community Vietnamese music with songs fever. Almost any new songs out of Son Tung inhaled form. May be someone will come to reach high views “crisis” demonstrated Son Tung is a guy “is not just what types” of showbiz. Not only that, through rain song also won the award of the month at favorite song of 2012.
Son Tung also owns many achievements as a senior terrorist stick with singing since I was sitting in school and was valedictorian HCMC Conservatory. Besides toxic strange voices, Son Tung also demonstrated artistic talent by composing, playing instruments, dancing and enthusiasts learn about harmonies, instrumentation and recording. Not so when encroaching into films, Son Tung also quite successful with his first role in the film The boy was in that year.
Son Tung affirmed talent, charisma not least the seniors, seniors with hyperbolous fanbase. Although new to the entertainment industry Vietnam not long but the singer “Not just form where” the owner a very strong fan base, even surpassing our forbears, village elders. Each status of Son Tung always reach of people like, comment and share terrorist. With a strong fan base, Son Tung M-TP always get a lot of support when striking arts activities. Every time a new song of Son Tung launched, you always get the response, sharing of fan enthusiasm.
Mentioned Son Tung M-TP can not ignore the hit music as “crazy” youth: Sunshine receding, through rain, you were of yesterday . Especially to mention the music video debut of Day I Wednesday reached lofty view or MV plays songs Sure someone will remade under new mix also gained 2 million views in just a mere one day, set a record first MV of V-Pop hit a high view this in the shortest possible time.
The songs of Son Tung is probably located in the melody, the song is content. Not only has the advantage in the vibrant dance song, catchy become the brand that characterized songs lyrical music, sweet and catchy melodies, is permeable also one of the advantages where new audiences discover in this boy.
These songs feature lyrics Son Tung catchy, easy to remember and easy to get into the mind. Especially the recent creation of the young singer has always had a deep meaning, a message full of humanity that boys born in 1994 wants to send a message.
For example, the song Maybe someone will come is under the category of pop, ballad, but it is not too schmaltzy, moody like many other songs of the same genre in Vpop. How to handle a bit strange, a lyrical legato reduplicative makes everyone want to listen to it many times.

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