The songs of Son Tung always create huge attraction music to Vietnamese audiences. This confirms the talent of young boys is born in 1994.
The success of Son Tung today is undeniable artistic talent is an important part of making a name of hometown. Just 21 years but Son Tung was so-named as “crazy” community Vietnamese music with songs fever. Almost any new songs out of Son Tung inhaled form.
The songs like yesterday, May be someone will come … to reach high views “crisis” demonstrated Son Tung is a guy “is not just what types” of showbiz. Not only that, through rain song also won the award of the month at favorite song of 2012, helping the Pacific voice began to echo the first the audience and professionals.
Son Tung also owns many achievements as a senior terrorist stick with singing since I was sitting in school and was valedictorian HCMC Conservatory. Besides toxic strange voices, Son Tung also demonstrated artistic talent by composing, playing instruments, dancing and enthusiasts learn about harmonies, instrumentation and recording. Not so when encroaching into films, Son Tung also quite successful with his first role in the film The boy that year.
Son Tung affirmed talent, charisma not least the seniors, seniors with hyperboles fanbase. Although new to the entertainment industry Vietnam not long but the singer “Not just form where” the owner a very strong fan base, even surpassing our forbears, village elders. Each status of Son Tung always reach of people like, comment and share terrorist.
Style of music is first confirmed names of stars inside our fans. Great success of Son Tung is affirmed their musical style a bit strange, a bit exclusive and extravagant, careless.
It can be said, Son Tung M-TP entered showbiz Vietnam with prominent personalities perfectly with his good looks and style of sluggishness, personality, original singer of Thai Binh province has “cut the heart” countless female fans.
Besides, he also owns a stage appearance caught with poison dress style, strange toxic, Korean characterized wowed the public and stand out in the event of showbiz.

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