Son Tung M-TP whose real name is Nguyen Thanh Tung. Born and raised in Thai Binh was born in 1994 soon attracted hip hop like any other young people at that time. Since then, Son Tung joined the Underground World and decided to follow a passion of music is in his urge. To become one of the young artists “hot” V-Pop village today, Son Tung M-TP had to undergo a process of effort and relentless persistence. Let us look back on a career full of successes and record the young singer’s Son Tung
Few know is that, behind the success of male singer from Thai Binh – Son Tung MTP has contributed of Quang Huy musician
The name Son Tung M-TP days a widely known among young people. But few know is that, behind the success of Pacific male singer with no small contribution of musicians Quang Huy.
Currently musician Quang Huy is also the boss of Son Tung M-TP. Whatever age quite far apart, but the two brothers always proved friendly and work very well.
Also so that the hits are born every turn as the rain passed, Sunshine receding, I yesterday …. When speaking of his colleague, Son Tung M-TP insists Quang Huy was the “emotional, funny and act like a man”.
Share on projects in the future, male vocalist Tung M-TP paint that is intended to be encroaching into films in 2016 and 2017. In addition, he and his crew were heading to projects “to try one time said”.
21 years old, with what they achieved in their hands, Son Tung M-TP says he lucky to have 1 professional crew, the opportunity to shine and most importantly the ongoing efforts of his rise.Male singer also shared his life hobby like cooking, cleaning the house, done the diet, sleep regulation … help balance in life.
Son Tung M-TP quickly escape the shadow elder and demonstrate their own personality. Debut as online music phenomenon, the boy, who turns 20 had quite a hit is extremely widely popular in pop music community: past rain, Do not be late, warm sunshine and receding or recent I particularly frantic yesterday. Building the image and youthful style, modern, Son Tung fascinated audiences from creating styles to perform. Son Tung received hundreds of questions as well as share just frankly adorable but also from the fans. We can say, success of Son Tung is the dream of many other colleagues.

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