The first flight of the Son Tung M-TP has successfully concluded in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City previously. With the participation of a total of about 20 thousand spectators. Earlier, the singer announced plans to hold their first concert, much thought has been raised skepticism from experts, media and spectators.
From the time of Son Tung M-TP officially step into showbiz with the songs you were of yesterday in January,2014. At a short career and even very young age as Son Tung, no one has succeeded in organizing concerts Vpop scale, monumental. Therefore, mixed opinions revolves around the Son Tung decision appears to be entirely understandable.
But then, ‘flight’ of Tung also went smoothly and took him to a new destination, closer to Vietnamese music icon title.
Naturally, Son Tung deserves Vietnamese music icon or not depends on one’s perspective, but for the record I do sing in just 2 years, especially in 2015, none other than the Son Tung is creating effects, interest and ‘power’ most Vietnamese music industry.
Record was set in Vpop not much, the singer held the record even more rare. The reason is because, out of the record in question, own Son Tung probably consume half. Each time launching new song, Son Tung set a new combination of record, then himself broke his figure set by the previous products.
In 2015, Son Tung M-TP released 3 song and 9 MV (medium format where not removed). With these products, Son Tung repeatedly set and then broke the record himself.
For example, in just one day from the date of issue, not just where workers form 2 million views milestone, pitiful face: 2.5 million, May be someone will to collect about 5 million, while the Thai Binh sweat reached 4 million.
Meanwhile, on the official YouTube channel, having set a record with 20,000 registrations in just three hours, more than 60,000 in 1 day, Son Tung also become the owner of the other giant figures when times published 3 plays MV Sure someone will about, silently with you and you let go of each other’s hands. Maybe someone will own the music video set a record with 2 million views after 1 day and 15 million debut after nearly 3 months.

Besides, on 7th May 2015, Son Tung M-TP fan-meeting held mini-show combined birthday anniversary of their 21 th with nearly 8,000 attendees. This is a fan-meeting with participation of the largest fan.
Simultaneously, Son Tung is also artists most searched on Google in Vietnam last year. In addition to his name, three songs Silently with you, not just what form and pitiful face millions of people are looking for.

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