In May 10, Son Tung M-TP Vietnam representative MTV EMA 2015 competition – a prestigious award, which is organized annually – and won in Southeast Asia.
To win this victory, Son Tung herself undergoes fierce fight 2 times, first with seniors, seniors in Vpop and after is 6 heavyweight candidates came from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.
In addition to the above-mentioned international awards, in 2015, Son Tung also won many other achievements, such as reaching your typical 3 awards: ‘Top 10 Favorite musician’, ‘Top 5 favorite singer – table young ‘, and’ single of the year ‘for singles silently you.
The first flight is not to prove or assert that through this Son Tung wanted to satisfy passionate singing, just like the first day of his desire to set foot in Saigon to realize dreams. Although he does not set high expectations but Son Tung M-TP – The first flight with 10 thousand spectators in the city and beyond in Hanoi Son Tung helped set more new records: the youngest singer owns Vpop concert 10 thousand spectators.
Naturally, there are many controversies around concerts and the audience to see only achieve half of We pro objectives, but this is still a remarkable achievement of longtime singer in Vpop but not including active beginners 2 years as Son Tung.
October 2012 was the first time to perform at the Son Tung Vietnam Idol program with a guest. Meanwhile, Son Tung underground just the singer known for hit songs on the network and still quite alien to the television audience. However, when going on stage performing “Rain pass through” – the song brought him to the online community, valedictorian Conservatory guy who still received cheers from the crowd thanks to stylish young central, vibrant and modern musical tastes of listeners.
With new music, youthful and terrible achievements, Son Tung many viewers are expected to contribute to more common Vpop world. And apparently it was expected to be in place when launching in just 2 years, Son Tung had first international award.
Looking back at the success of Son Tung M-TP to see the efforts of the young singer in the journey to conquer fans. Wish that he would have more success.

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