In 2011, Son Tung M-TP started writing songs, joined the Underground Vietnamese community. Son Tung 25.5 points received while performing at HCMC Conservatory. With this score, Son Tung possesses position valedictorian always vocal faculty of the school in that year. In 2012, Son Tung began landing on the professional music scene. This time, he first performed the hit “the rain across” in “Vietnam Idol 2012” impressed with the TV audience.
The number of hits in two-year career is six. While appearing in stage Vpop considered are saturated, but still collecting Son Tung get yourself hit cult series. With intensity created such hits as “stormy”, Son Tung M-TP even pass a series of stars Vpop veteran during his peak.
Released on January 19th 2014, MV “You of yesterday” of Son Tung has reached over 40 million views on Youtube channel of the end of the day on july 9th 2014. This can be considered a record, surpassing all of Vpop MV ever. “you of yesterday” Vietnam is also the music MV cover the largest with more than 100 different versions being shared on social networks.
However, on august 9th 2014, MV of Son Tung record has suddenly “disappeared” from Youtube, as rumor MV removed left many confused. After a day of “evaporated”, on September 10th 2014, the MV “I yesterday” has reappeared and is the Son Tung explains caused by technical problems. Currently, the views of MV continues to rise and is now near milestone 50 million.
Launched on December 14th ,2013, “you of yesterday,” has quickly become a phenomenon of Vpop with over 1,000,000 views in just 3 days, 100 million views in just 3 months on Music listen to music online. “you of yesterday,” is considered Son Tung hits put on a new level and also brought him no little trouble. The suspected case entangle religion beat songs every night Korean Son Tung made to abandon many awards as well as all the music charts. However, a radial of the song still does not stop. Up to now, after more than a year, “I of yesterday” is the first track of the 185 million views milestone Vpop staff and will still continue to rise.
After the fever, “I of yesterday,” Son Tung has continued to demonstrate charisma and ability to break his record with the song “Maybe someone will come”. Is a song composed by Son Tung for his debut film which starred “The guy in it.” Once launched, “Maybe someone will come back” triggered a craze in the online community and brought the Son Tung 5,000,000 views in 24 hours. Also because of this heat of Son Tung song “noticed” and the problems suspected fake inquisitors beat South Korea, prompting Son Tung again in big trouble.

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