Established the fanpage on November 25th 2011, the number of turns of Son Tung fanpage like M-TP has surpassed 3,000,000 downloads, ranked 4th in Vietnam. Fanpage continue to grow very fast, and only take another 4 months to increase by 50% over 4.5 million like.
Currently, plays like the fanpage M-TP is 6.241 million, ranked third in Vietnam only after Khoi My and Hoai Linh artists. Per day, on revenue of more than 13,000 fanpage favorite plays, 84,000 per week, and 370,000 visits per month.
After the song “Maybe someone will be ‘remade new remixes, Son Tung and crew released the MV for the track and determined to carry on the record again. As expected, the fever called “Son Tung M-PT” began to boil again, even longer MV Facebook team for the link spam and blocked because of the high amount of share in a short time. However, MV “Maybe someone will come back ” still set a record with 2 million views after 1 launch date. So far, after nearly 3 months, this MV has rolled over 15 million page views mark.
Appearing as a special guest in Vietnam Idol contest in November 3rd night 3/2014, Son Tung had an impressive performance with the hit “you of yesterday” composed by himself. Not only boastal the ability to sing live quite well on direct television broadcasting, Son Tung was also scored by new performance style, confidence and image of platinum hair highlights are the “rebranding” of his time present.
However, the performances on one-causing storms in late in May 2014, after Hoai Lam (who was the candidate of familiar faces competition) Son Tung plays back the song performances and causes attention. Many comparisons are given that the performance of Son Tung on many people and simultaneously put the hit “you of yesterday” became the song made headlines during a long time.
October 2012 was the first time to perform at Son Tung Vietnam Idol program with a guest. Meanwhile, Son Tung underground just the singer known for hits on the network and still quite alien to the television audience. However, when going on stage performing “Rain across” – songs took him to the online community, valedictorian Conservatory guy who still received cheers from the crowd thanks to stylish young central, vibrant and modern musical tastes of listeners. Once becoming a singer known for many hits impressive performances “at a time” of Son Tung still search and so far the number of views has reached over 6 million.
Currently, the official video performances of Son Tung’s team achieving viewership is lower but it is still high compared to the video released at the same time. Especially not with this contest, that all performances of M-TP Son Tung in the contest “The Remix – Mix light” feature views outstrips other teams, proven attraction intense extreme of male Pacific.

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