In 2012, in one of the rounds of Vietnam Idol 2012, Son Tung first appeared on national television. At that time, he was guided by a teacher Huy Tuan, who is also music director of Vietnam Idol 2012. Despite being a relatively unknown singer, his face somewhat childish and singing style to the market, but performances “the rain across ” was his year has quickly become a “bomb” exploded controversy and buzz for a long time. Who was Son Tung why he was appearing as a guest of the Vietnam Idol (former location but now almost only former champions or the veteran singer has been). And why, how the Son Tung gains a confident presentation style, but shakes the vibrant, inspiring to that. All contestants on until the top 7 of the Vietnam Idol top 8 that day seems to become blurred out before him, a guy who “flipped face up milk” has passed in the conservatory with the score valedictorian.
3 years ago, Son Tung then appeared on television several times that his name is quickly known. He emerged as the alcohol with the music style and Korean fashion sense, dress trendy, dynamic dance style. Son Tung stick no less noisy suspected fake inquisitors, from music to photos, but what they say, no one’s ever had a real evidence of him trying to steal a blind or just inadvertently affected, or selective learning from previous generations.
Son Tung looks great but in fact he is very wise. He knows what is good, what is bad in his career. He represents a generation of young singers emerged from underground and know how to seize the wave riding ahead. The presence of the Son Tung in series standings as well as video clips of him continuously breaking the record for hits on YouTube proved very accurate acumen of Son Tung. As a child, he understands what his audience wants, needs nothing, so maybe talk about dance and music market existing children, not young faces can match with Son Tung, except Noo Phuoc Thinh, human capital has the advantage equivalent to the voice and appearance.
In three year ago, he struggled with Vietnamese music, Son Tung was 21 years old. He is going to perform its first concert Flights in December to appriciate the his companions audience during the past period. Son Tung many fans, it is off the table. His young fans loves him not only handsome as Korea but also fun, lovable and friendly deeply inherent in man from himself. Of course, the big star, he would also have moods, fatigue, frustration, wanting to alienate, but Son Tung is always smart enough and subtle to hide herself. He earned a lot of money, but still lives simply, safe, non-pretentious, hard –working and serious under the guidance of boss Quang Huy.

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